The Night of the Virgin

Nico’s mission to get laid takes him to the home of a gilf? Milf? I mean, does she even qualify as either? Man, I don’t know. – The tl;dr Review: It’s not really a horror comedy, or a straight up horror film. It’s just kind of…gross and tasteless. Extremely tasteless. And offensively bad. But mostly […]

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A bachelor party turns into a drug induced trip into madness for a group of friends. – The tl;dr Review: Spiral is definitely one of the more ambitious and/or unique horror films I have seen. It’s a psychadelic horror trip through some very strange events. The mix of supernatural, sexual, and drug elements combine quite […]

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(Editor note: I added the poster for Rainn Wilson because, to me, he will always be Dwight Schrute of Schrute Farms. TAKE THAT JIM) “Line, Line, Dot, Dot; now you have a cootie shot.” Released: 18 September 2015 (USA) Age Certificate: 15 Genre: horror, action, comedy length: 1hr 28min Director: Jonathan Milott, Cary Murnion Writer: […]

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