The Lighthouse (2019)

Two men watching a lighthouse try to stay sane on the isolated island they are watching.  – The Verdict: Wow. This film was something else. It was stark, chilling, and disturbing. I felt like something was going to happen at every turn, and I just felt general unease the entire time. It actually felt like […]

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Office Uprising (2018)

What is it? A brand of comedy which can best be described as “Banter Lite” that I picked on Netflix mostly for the 90 minute run time, but managed to win me over after a rough start. – Is it good? This is a very mixed bag. It begins as an infuriating mess of plundered […]

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Death Do Us Part // Zoo (2019)

Age Certificate: 18Genre: horror, comedy, dramalength: 1hour 35minDirector: Antonio TublénWriter: Antonio TublénStars: Zoë Tapper, Ed Speleers, Antonia Campbell-HughesIMBD rating: 5.4/10My rating: 6/10  – Summary: A couple try to save their marriage during a zombie apocalypse.  –     This film sounded really good and I was enticed by the fact it’s a British zombie flick. If […]

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The Other Dead (2014)

Humanity is attacked by the living dead! But not the regular human type. Somehow an outbreak forms, affecting only animals, and turning them into vicious, crazed, flesh hungry monsters. How does one defend itself against creatures that fly, swim, and swarm? – The tl;dr Review: I really wanted to like this, especially since it’s based […]

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Nailbiter (2014)

An NSA agent’s search for his missing friend (an FBI profiler)  brings him to the small Oregon town of Buckaroo, known for the sixteen serial killers born and raised there. As suspicions mount and secrets are revealed, he finds himself in much more danger than he was expecting. – The tl;dr Review: Nailbiter is very […]

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Dead Silence (2007)

After receiving a creepy doll, as well as the extremely violent and unusual death of his wife, Jamie travels to his hometown to search for answers, putting him front and centre in a mystery that has haunted the town for decades. – The tl;dr Review: Just going to go ahead and say that the visuals […]

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