By day, it’s just a rodeo with side attractions, but by night, it’s a murderers paradise. Tour guides and their group make the mistake of staying past closing, and realize that sometimes danger and fun are one and the same. – The tl;dr Review: Lasso is an entertaining slasher flick with some interesting twists on […]

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The Ravenous

What is it? Qubec’s answer to 28 Days Later as survivors trying to eke out a post apocalyptic living come under siege from not-zombie infected and a whole lot of bad luck. – Is it good? This is a good example of great production value on a shoe string budget, but a shoe string can […]

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Video Palace

The discovery of a, “white tape” leads an amateur podcast maker to investigate the disturbing origins surrounding it. – The tl;dr Review: OOTA KETA. OOTA KETA. On a less puzzling note, Video Palace is probably the best Shudder podcast so far, and they have a few notably good ones in their confusingly organized catalogue. Chase […]

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Don’t Kill It

The writers on this have watched Supernatural. Well done. I watch it all the time and can smell the copywriter just itching to get hold of this. Please Mike Mendez please do something constructive with the time and money you have left, and stop inflicting painfully stupid films on unsuspecting viewer. An ancient demon (who […]

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100 Bloody Acres

An unfortunate discovery results in three tourists being kidnapped and prepared for slaughter. Literally. – The tl;dr Review: 100 Bloody Acres is quite an excellent Aussie horror-comedy, with a lot of dark humor and typical Aussie gore. – The Full Review: I have to admit, if I hadn’t seen Angus Sampson on the cover of […]

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