The Influence

Written by Ramsey Campbell, “The Influence” (1988) is about a young girl who is haunted by a deceased relative so she can take over her body. Ramsey Campbell brings on the creeps in this supernatural horror drama. Loved the characters and the way he developed them, they all felt like real people who aren’t clear […]

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Dark Feasts (1987)

“Dark Feasts” is a short horror story collection by Ramsey Campbell, first published in 1987. This is only the second Ramsey Campbell book I’ve read so forgive me for my naivety. That said, I thought this was a pretty good horror book. Ramsey Campbell is an author who knows how to bring on the chills […]

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Mothra (1961)

The Horror Collective’s 30 Day Lockdown Challenge Day 30: Not on Netflix or Shudder Movie Review: Mothra Director: Ishirō Honda Production Company: Toho Country: Japan Year: 1961 The final review of the 30 day challenge is here, and I decided to go for some old fashioned fun. A kaiju which would ultimately meet up with […]

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The End of the Wicked (1999)

The Horror Collective’s 30 Day Lockdown Challenge Day 29: Film From Africa Movie Review: The End of the Wicked Director: Teco Benson Production Company: Produced by Helen Ukpabio Country: Nigeria Year: 1999 A very low-budget witchcraft movie, focusing on a family being tormented by the spirits of a demonic cult, which perverts and changes those […]

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Drag Me To Hell (2009)

After being cursed by an old woman, a young girl tries everything to break the spell. – The Verdict: I love Sam Raimi as a filmmaker. His Spider Man films are my favourite if the franchise (save for Spider Man 3), and Darkman was a revelation. Drag Me To Hell is no exception. I love […]

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The Dead Lands (2020)

What is it? Shudder series period horror based on Maori traditions, where a violent man gets a second chance at life to fight the dead and win enough honour to enter the afterlife. – Is it good?  It’s a series made by Shudder itself, so I presume it was made on a relatively strict budget. […]

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Driven (2019)

Emerson’s night as a rideshare driver hits an awkward snag when her passenger turns out to be a demon hunter on a quest to destroy the forces of evil. As the ride goes on, things become much more dire and much much worse. – The tl;dr Review: I was pleasantly surprised by this. The characters […]

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Sinepanghalina Short Films Reviews

Ma? (2017):  A young boy’s troubles only begin with his mother getting mad at him, as night falls and something inexplicable begins to occur. – The Full Review:  Growing up in a mostly homophobic country can be difficult, sometimes terrifying, and that’s part of what Ma? addresses here, where the ostracization becomes, quite literally, horrifying.  […]

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Black Spot: Season 1 (2017)

A high murder rate may have brought the district attorney to the small town of Villefranche, but it’s the grisly crimes and strange phenomena that keeps him there, especially when things escalate and reveal a much bigger mystery at hand. – The Full Short Review: Black Spot (season 1) is, to sum things up, a […]

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Bulbbul (2020)

A young man’s return home from London (for some very odd and somewhat creepy reasons), places himself in the midst of a demonic woman who has been targeting the members of the village. – The tl;dr Review: Bulbbul’s visuals put it on a level above most horror I’ve seen. There’s aggressive but powerful colour theming, […]

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