Station Blue (2018)

When Matt is picked to maintain and observe at Station Blue, he’s initially eager, even despite the station’s troubled past. Unfortunately the long cold days and isolation begin to get at him, and reality slowly begins to slip away. Can Matt survive until he’s relieved of duty? – The Quick Thoughts: As far as podcasts […]

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Antebellum (2020)

The film is often provocative and confrontational, and expectedly so, considering the subject matter. I’d advise audiences who may get triggered with the violence of the slave era to tread carefully with this one. At times, it becomes unflinchingly provocative, actually, and very uncomfortable. If the film’s goal is to show you how harsh things […]

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Entwined (2019)

When Panos relocates to a very remote village to continue operating as a doctor, he encounters a strange woman named Danae, who he quickly falls for. As he tries to fix her strange disease, he soon learns of a very powerful curse and the consequences for all who fall under it. – The Quick Thoughts: […]

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#Alive (2020)

What is it?  A set of flats is swiftly overrun by victims of a mysterious infection driving victims wild, and the few survivors try to make the most of technology to hang in there. Streaming on Netflix.  – Is it good?  Everything is very pleasantly more than competent here. It’s an interesting idea shot well […]

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Cannibals and Carpet Fitters (2017)

Age Certificate: 18Genre: horror, comedylength: 1hour 23minDirector: James BusheWriter: Richard Lee O’DonnellStars: Darren Sean Enright, Richard Lee O’Donnell, Zara PhythianIMBD rating: 5.2/10My rating: 7/10  – Summary: A group of carpet fitters are sent on a job to an old Country house in the middle of nowhere. However they soon discover it’s a trap set up […]

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The Harrowing (2020)

A police officer tries to get to the bottom of a set of gruesome murders on a very remote Scottish island, just as a storm cuts everyone off from the mainland. The Quick Thoughts: While the story is pretty typical of anything cult horror, the execution of the story is great. Soundscapes are properly well […]

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Death of a Vlogger (2019)

In this mockumentary from Gravitas Ventures (yep, those idiots), a vlogger investigates the ominous haunting by a possible supernatural presence.  Or, for a very blunt tl;dr:  This movie is the very definition of indie clickbait. I’m not bothering with a long review of this. I’m just going to trash the s**t out of it. – […]

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Uncle Peckerhead (2020)

Judy and her punk band, Duh (that’s their name, because, well, duh), have just scored their first tour. Unfortunately, their van was just repo’d. But fortunately a homeless type named Peckerhead has agreed to provide his van for them. Unfortunately he’s also a human-chomping ghoul. But fortu- — The tl;dr Review: Uncle Peckerhead is an […]

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