Cloud (2020 Antimity short)

Tyler’s date with his crush takes a very unfortunate turn when he’s knocked out, and finds himself in a very precarious situation involving drugs and a ton of possibly dead people. – The Full Review: New season, new Antimity, which is very much the case here. This episode is serious, lengthy, and very bloody (though […]

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Dead Letter (2019 Antimity short)

The incestuous relationship between two siblings is disrupted by the wishes of their deceased father, who states in his will that only one of them will get the money. Just to make things clearer, the will also states that one of them must die. – The Full Review: Antimity shorts are becoming higher and higher […]

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Skeptics (2019 Antimity Short)

Scott, a paranormal researcher, invents a box that allows spirits to manifest in a physical form. You can tell where this is going. – The Full Review: Antimity is back with something a bit more comedy-centred, as Skeptics is very much a horror-comedy short. It parodies those serious horror films that try way too hard […]

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He’s Here (2019 Antimity short)

A night of slashy-slashy-killy-killy goes awry when an unpredictable surprise occurs. – The Full Review: Antimity’s take on slasher-horror is entertaining and humorous. In He’s Here, they show us a different take on slasher-horror, where the victim isn’t quite as obvious as we assume it to be. Added note, Jeff Young as a slasher villain […]

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Vinyl (2019 Antimity short)

A couple discover a very filthy record and decide to play it, unleashing something very unexpected. – The Full Review: Antimity’s Vinyl is a bit of a mix of both old Antimity and new Antimity. It has great production value, but also mixes a bit of the humour from old Antimity in. As for what […]

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Toothless (2019 Antimity short)

Kaylee was just rejected by her crush. So she turns to what any girl would turn to. Weight lifting! Kidding. She actually finds a spell to make ol’ handsome Billy love her. But does magic ever really work how we want it to? – The tl;dr Review: Antimity’s latest short happens to be another of […]

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Snap (2019 Antimity short)

A powerful entity keeps their slave under control with a snap of their fingers. As time goes by and conditions worsen, the slave begins to plan their way out of this mess. – The tl;dr Review: Antimity has fully gone experimental in this. Well, not fully, but pretty fully. It’s an interesting idea for a […]

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