The Lighthouse (2019)

Two men watching a lighthouse try to stay sane on the isolated island they are watching. 

The Verdict:

Wow. This film was something else. It was stark, chilling, and disturbing. I felt like something was going to happen at every turn, and I just felt general unease the entire time. It actually felt like I was there with them; slowly slipping into madness.

The lighting, and cinematography in this film are reminiscent of old cinema which scored major points for this writer. The use of shadow really added something to the disturbing nature of The Lighthouse, and I’m still trying to figure out exactly what happened. It’s a bit of a head scratcher, and lets you decide what you saw for yourself. I was left with more questions than answers, and I like that. 

Willem Dafoe was of course brilliant as our lighthouse keeper. While I’m not usually a fan of Robert Pattinson he was bloody brilliant in this film. He and Willem worked perfectly together, and had some intense chemistry that is a rare find in today’s cinema. Especially in the horror genre.

You could sense that something wasn’t quite right from the get go, and it just spirals from there. This film is mind boggling in the best possible way. Robert Eggers definitely created something unique, and wonderfully deranged with the Lighthouse, and I can’t wait for his next films to come out. Overall, I give this film a perfect 10 buckets of blood out of 10. 


Strong visuals, excellent acting, perfect cinematography, and lighting. Everything. 


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