Office Uprising (2018)

What is it?

A brand of comedy which can best be described as “Banter Lite” that I picked on Netflix mostly for the 90 minute run time, but managed to win me over after a rough start.

Is it good?

This is a very mixed bag.

It begins as an infuriating mess of plundered ideas before finally finding it’s feet, something I really did not enjoy until it got around to moving on.

That being said, everyone is bringing a hell of a lot of energy to this even at the shoddy open. There’s actually quite a lot of quality content once you get over the initial hump and you can feel that everyone involved really believed in what they had here. Certainly a lot more than I would have expected from first impressions.

Get through the starting slog? There’s some good fight scenes, there’s a lot of people having a lot of fun, there’s genuinely neat ideas on display.

You just need to endure a bad start to get through to it all.


Is it scary?

It’s way less crap than I expected from the description. And the start of the film. And how damn hard that bad start cribs from popular zombie movies.

It kind of goes somewhere though, which is nice. Zombies aren’t scary, but zombies is a pretty bad description of what they do here. It’s still a comedy so it’s not really going to SCARE  scare you but it has a lot of fun ideas I wouldn’t even hint at spoiling here, as what it does different is the one of the main reasons to watch this.


(mostly the comedy free pass here though)

Genre value

There’s a lot to unpack here. Like…

Please don’t copy other films, when you clearly have plenty of ideas if your own.

Good job not just being zombies again, despite it being claimed that you are in the marketing.

It’s got several layers of social commentary across poking holes in corporate culture, arms sales, and energy drinks. There’s then some really neat characterisation with some of the cast, and a lot of fresh weird set pieces.

But it really is badly held back by obnoxious clichés and directly lifted scenes from other movies that really shouldn’t be here as there’s clearly plenty of ideas to go around.



It wants to be some weird mutant offspring of Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, maybe hints of Scott Pilgrim/The Office/The IT Crowd. Not the worst pastiche, really. I can’t tell if it’s soulless simulacrum, or genuinely aspirational and trying to be a homage, but if you can survive that painful set up structured entirely around the wholesale “borrowing” of other ideas you get quite the decent reward. Once it moves past the imitation it leads with and becomes its own thing it really finds its feet.

It’s just a shame it didn’t start with its own voice. It makes it tough to recommend, but you know what? I didn’t hate it. Just go in knowing you’ll spend the first 20 minutes rolling your eyes but you’ll have had fun by the time the credits roll.

Consider this a “very strong 6” as it would easily be a 7 or more if they didn’t have such a bizarre first act which adds very little to the superior material which follows it.


What else is like this?

Its primary opening “inspirations” are Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland so they’re a fair shout. The Belko Experiment is a good version of the corporate satire this wanted to go for, or Mayhem from 2017 now I think about it. If you want a recent comedy horror that’s honest to goodness great then do yourself a favour and watch Little Monsters. 

– Luke

Luke Greensmith is an aspiring filmmaker who is fully stalkable on IMDB and everything. He’s also a researcher for The Ghost Story Guys Podcast which you can find at and pays the bills by testing videogames for a living (but can’t talk about that in detail without violating NDAs).

He can be yelled at on Twitter @LukeGreensmith.

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