Death Do Us Part // Zoo (2019)

Age Certificate: 18
Genre: horror, comedy, drama
length: 1hour 35min
Director: Antonio Tublén
Writer: Antonio Tublén
Stars: Zoë Tapper, Ed Speleers, Antonia Campbell-Hughes
IMBD rating: 5.4/10
My rating: 6/10 

Summary: A couple try to save their marriage during a zombie apocalypse. 

    This film sounded really good and I was enticed by the fact it’s a British zombie flick. If there’s something Brits can get right it is zombie movies, I mean have you seen 28 Days/Weeks Later? Shawn of the Dead? Cockneys vs Zombies? Those films are AMAZING and I was yet to be disappointed. 

Until now. 

Then again, I guess it’s a Swedish movie  as it’s written and directed by Antonio Steve Tublén who is a Swedish director, screenwriter and composer and then produced in Denmark and Sweden so maybe that’s why it wasn’t quite right to me.

    Death Do Us Part (also, weirdly originally named ZOO) is about a couple who are on the verge of divorce when the apocalypse breaks out and they are forced to work together to survive and maybe find their way and fall back in love with each other. I thought it sounded decent, it sounded romantic and violent and zombie-filled, but I was incredibly underwhelmed by this whole film and I regret watching the whole. 

    This film is supposed to be a comedy but I can only count on one hand how many times I laughed. I love British humour because we’re so deadpan but there was very little of that, it was trying hard at humour using sex and drugs and training montages. Okay, I did laugh a little at the training montage but that was the extent really. The laughs weren’t there and I was sat with a straight face for most of the night while watching. .

    Karen (Zoë Tapper) is depressed due to a tragedy that had happened quite recently and this has caused tension between her and her husband John (Ed Speleers), but she has yet to talk to him about it, leaving Ed to think that things aren’t as bad as they seem. This film is definitely more of a drama than a horror and I think I would have felt less disappointed if it wasn’t under the horror section. It’s called a zombie movie but it only has about four zombies present which isn’t what you’re looking for when watching a film like this, you expect more action and although there are some brilliant action scenes they are very few and far between.

    This whole film is set inside the couples apartment where they listen to the radio for updates on rescue and find different things along the way to pass the time and to prepare. Now the apocalypse has begun, Karen finds it harder to talk to John about her worries and her doubts and the need of a divorce and as their time being trapped in the apartment extends, more and more secrets come out and so do the feelings.

    If I was watching this as a romance or a drama I would have been happy with the film. I think it’s an interesting plot and I think it’s got some pretty decent acting, the cinematography is pretty as well even though it’s only shot within the apartment. However, I was watching this from a horror perspective so I was underwhelmed and a little bored.

    If you’re wanting a film full of laughs and zombies and horror then this isn’t a film to bother watching. If you’re okay with minimal horror but more of a finding your way back to love drama then I’d say to check it out.


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