Cloud (2020 Antimity short)

Tyler’s date with his crush takes a very unfortunate turn when he’s knocked out, and finds himself in a very precarious situation involving drugs and a ton of possibly dead people.

The Full Review:

New season, new Antimity, which is very much the case here. This episode is serious, lengthy, and very bloody (though it does also have the signature humorous stylings of an Antimity Tapes episode.

Some new cast members are taking the spotlight for the beginning of this new season. That said, I’m also terrible at remembering names so some of these might be regulars, though there are definitely new ones. Nathan Smith, Kayla Goebeler, C.J. Mascarelli, Dani Jake, and Leah Boken, Amanda Tucker, Manny Douglas, and Tyra Phillips are the new additions (I think), while Brandon Toigo, Jeff Young, and Justin Care are the regulars (they’ll probably correct me if I got that wrong). Point being, this new season starts with fresh energy and experienced talent, making for quite the energetic and quirky set of performances.

The quirky content is what makes Antimity stand out so much. Scenes often play out mostly how you’d expect, with the quirky content being the dynamic change, and it works out quite well. It’s a prevalent and reoccurring bit in Antimity shorts and it always makes them that much more enjoyable.

This is also one of the bloodier Antimity shorts (lots and lots and lots of blood), and one of the more creatively dynamic ones done yet. The title (Cloud) has a multi-faceted meaning here, and it even becomes its own symbol of Tyler’s struggle to stay alive.

More on the blood though. This is very enjoyably violent, with the suddenness and brutality of the violence often having a more sudden impact because of the quirky content and the not-as-traditional-approach-as-one-would-expect, making for a very different bloody payout than usual.

Cloud is a solid start to the new season and it’s always great to see content from the folks at Antimity. Glad to see the new faces on board too!


Watch Cloud here:

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