Last Call (2019 Antimity Holiday Special)

A couple’s holiday turns worse when a drinking problem gets much worse.

The Full Review:

This is actually dark. Like, actually actually dark.

Last Call is very evolved in terms of presentation and the use of implication.

Usually Antimity shorts have a very different type of tone, and even when they go full horror, they still have a bit of comedy to them.

But Last Call isn’t one of those.

Last Call is dark. It’s unsettling.

Watching a couple viciously argue during is supposed to be one of the happiest times in the year is dark, and the type of ghosts that this conjures are the type you don’t usually see in a horror film.

Speaking of which, Mathew Spencer and Victoria Paege are great as the fighting couple. They have this volatile chemistry and the pain feels natural between the two of them. It’s good to see raw performances in horror shorts, and this is where Last Call’s most noteworthy strength is.

Also the writing, because even though this is a short, it’s a premise that could have easily been a full length indie feature too. There’s a strong use of implication here that leaves a sinking pit in one’s stomach, especially towards the end of the short. It’s the same type of quality writing that makes Antimity shorts unique and enjoyable. Though, okay, it’s a lot darker here than it is in previous shorts (including the one with the guy in the warehouse).

And of course, the production values constantly improve. Visually speaking, the Antimity shorts have gradually improved in visual quality, and their success as an indie short film content producer has been largely because of their unique style and the improvements they’ve made along the way, plus the unique takes on common horror premises.

Last Call is another great short from Antimity. Definitely their darkest short yet.


Watch Last Call here:

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