Antimity’s Halloween Special (2019)

[I completely brain farted and forgot to do a review for the Halloween special on Halloween. Apologies to the awesome folk at Antimity. Keep up the great work!]

A rich couple get more than they bargain for when they pay for a special Halloween snuff special.

The Full Review:

Antimity’s Halloween Special is great. As in, extraordinarily great.

The short starts off innocently enough, with a couple wanting to do something exciting. The man they meet (none other than Jeff Young and Jeff’s crazy eyebrows), ends up giving them the Halloween special.

Sounds good right?

Buuuuuut like anything with the word, “Halloween,” in it, there’s always more than meets the eye.

With the Halloween Special, we’re treated to something that leans into both revenge horror and slasher horror, and things get violent quickly.

It’s here where the full entertainment of the short is most visible, and we’re taken into something that highlights the disturbing, yet darkly comical behaviour of the not-so-nice protagonists, and a mysterious antagonist who seems to be very, very prepared for this opportunity.

But I think the main highlight of the short is Jeff Young’s very eccentric character. His peculiar behaviour is what the viewer notices right away, and it becomes what the viewer focuses on the most. Don’t get me wrong, the entire cast is great, with quite a few Antimity regulars (Reuben Rodriguez, Tara Hutchison, Jeff Young, Riah Priscilla, and I believe I’ve seen Kelly Rodriguez’ name in some other Antimity shorts, but I could be mistaken on that). Every character is a delight to see. I also got just the tiniest hint of a Clue vibe from everything that was going on.

It also looks quite great. There’s high production value here, and the setting (in this case, a house) looks really good. That said, there’s still just enough of an indie short film vibe for this to remain a comfortably familiar sight for those who have watched previous Antimity shorts.

Speaking of familiar, there’s quite a lot of signature Antimity horror-comedy here, with some very quirky character interactions and some very amusing end results of scenes. It’s one of many elements that is always consistent in Antimity short films and it’s always great to see it.

Antimity’s Halloween Special is a great and fun short film to view, and definitely a good one if you want an idea of what to expect in either the main Antimity series (the Antimity Tapes) or in non-Tapes shorts by Antimity.


Check out Antimity’s Halloween Special here:

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