Dead Letter (2019 Antimity short)

The incestuous relationship between two siblings is disrupted by the wishes of their deceased father, who states in his will that only one of them will get the money.

Just to make things clearer, the will also states that one of them must die.

The Full Review:

Antimity shorts are becoming higher and higher budget, with great production value and some expensive looking sets too. Case in point, Dead Letter, their most recent short about a really weird romantic relationship between a brother and sister.

Did they film this in a mansion? It’s extremely pretty and it definitely suits the formal vibe of a funeral/wake. Wardrobe also has seen a few upgrades, and the outfits are very, very convincing. Makeup was also really well done here, and I didn’t recognize Tara Hutchison.

Speaking of, it’s always great to see Brandon Toigo and Tara Hutchison on screen. Also great to see Jeff Young in a role that doesn’t require a mask of some kind. The performances here are excellent as always, and the weird incestuous relationship between the siblings, Charlotte and Henry Jr., is disturbingly convincing (and mildly uncomfortable). Christian Grant is great in his somewhat brief appearance as a lawyer, and Jeff Young is surprisingly different (in a good way) as a pastor.

Visually this looks great. It’s a very bright short film with lots of popping colours that constantly poke out. There’s also quite a few well placed shots here help display the really weird romantic dynamic between the two siblings.

The soundtrack is noteworthy too. It has some Godfather vibes to it, as well as some very, very weird mystery tunes.

Overall, Antimity has yet another solid short film in Dead Letter. It’s a weird one, and the higher quality feel to it will definitely appeal to both fans and potential fans.


Watch Dead Letter here:

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