Skeptics (2019 Antimity Short)

Scott, a paranormal researcher, invents a box that allows spirits to manifest in a physical form.

You can tell where this is going.

The Full Review:

Antimity is back with something a bit more comedy-centred, as Skeptics is very much a horror-comedy short. It parodies those serious horror films that try way too hard to look convincing.

At the centre of Skeptics is Scott (Reuben Rodriguez), a paranormal researcher/enthusiast who is very eager to prove that there’s something beyond death. On the sidelines is Sarah (Faith Kerns) and James (Jamison Odom), who are, as you guessed it, skeptics. The debate that occurs between the three sets the stage for everything else.

I’m just going to say that the performances here are great. Reuben Rodriguez makes Scott seem very eager, and both Faith Kerns and Jamison Odom play the parts of skeptics very, very, well. Lauren Perry is great as Violet, and Victoria Paege even appears (well, part of her appears).

As a short film, it’s also written very well. Each character has a unique personality, and the story goes along at a very swift pace once the premise has been established.

The set also looks fantastic. It looks like an actual lab/class, albeit a bit of a small one, but it still works!

And of course, the soundtrack suits the short. It’s very comical and kind of silly, which helps make the scenes more comical and silly.

All of this adds up to another enjoyable Antimity short from some very talented indie filmmakers!


Check out Skeptics here:

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