Toothless (2019 Antimity short)

Kaylee was just rejected by her crush.

So she turns to what any girl would turn to.

Weight lifting!


She actually finds a spell to make ol’ handsome Billy love her.

But does magic ever really work how we want it to?

The tl;dr Review:

Antimity’s latest short happens to be another of their more serious short films that they have been releasing lately.

It’s also one of their best.

The simple and sweet story also brings up the topic of bullying, which is still a prevalent issue. It also brings up the topic of power abuse with a supernatural twist. There’s also a lengthier timeline to this, which makes things feel more lengthy than usual.

Yes, it’s good.

Hopefully Antimity gets into feature lengths sometime.

The Full Review:

Antimity has been releasing shorts every couple weeks now, with a very apparent change into more serious territory. It makes for solid horror content with a bit more impact and punch to it. In other words, it’s very enjoyable.

What I like most about Toothless is that it’s yet another unique short film entry. There’s a bit of social commentary here in regards to the bullying/obsessive crush, and the supernatural element is subtle, yet very present.

It’s the type of short horror film that you want to see more of on YouTube, and I’m glad Antimity is constantly delivering on that front.

D’Arcy Aleric Goodman (epic name by the way) does a great job as Kaylee, the shy, awkward type at school (personal bias here because that’s the type of kid I was back then), while Evan Ohbayashi plays Billy, her crush who very cruelly shows his disinterest. Evan also does a really good job here and is believable as a mean high schooler. On an additional note, Tara Hutchison can be heard as the voice of Kaylee’s mother.

Toothless starts innocently enough, but when night falls, things take a bit of a dark turn. This is where things ramp up substantially and we’re treated to a very familiar horror element, but done in unique Antimity style.

The supernatural element at play is very subtle by the way. It’s there, and you know it’s there, but it’s not over-glorified and the approach taken is very much practical. It’s the type of approach I like to see in horror films and horror shorts, and the practical effects make the supernatural based scenes really good.

It’s also a story that some of us can relate to. Some of us were the shy, awkward, unpopular kids in school and our crushes wouldn’t even be aware of our presence. We relate to Kaylee because Kaylee is a pretty accurate image of most of us.

All this said, I enjoyed Toothless, and I think you will too. It’s yet another solid horror short from Antimity, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with in a couple weeks.


Toothless short film is here:

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