Clickbait (2019)

A vlogger and her friend unknowingly become the target of a stalker, who also vlogs.

Also, their entire community is obsessed with vloggers.

The entire, entire community is obsessed with vloggers.

The tl;dr Review:

As a social commentary horror-comedy, Clickbait is pretty good.

There are some nostalgic slasher references and tributes, and there are some very damningly hilarious parodies of videos commonly found on YouTube (though, on that note, some of the parodies resemble some of the actual videos quite a lot).

It was enjoyable, and it was a fun watch.

The Full Review:

YouTube and vlogger culture in general has become kind of this odd thing. I mean, people get paid to do this now, and it’s not something that you require prior experience or education to do.


Clickbait addresses this via its two main characters, Bailey and Emma. Bailey is kind of the dumb vlogger stereotype that just wants to constantly make videos, and Emma is her smart friend who tries to be her compass. Of course, in a world of vloggers, there’s only one constant: video updates. Even education doesn’t seem to matter in this satirical yet semi-accurate reflection of our world.

Speaking of the two characters, Colby Stewart (Bailey) and Brandi Aguilar (Emma), have an awesome dynamic at play. Watching them, you really feel like they’re best friends who are constantly at odds with each other. Bailey being the dumb, shallow blonde, and Emma being her smart friend who also tries to keep her alive. Their performances are what you focus on the most throughout Clickbait, and they’re excellent.

One part I wasn’t expecting was the slasher nostalgia. There’s some very Halloween/Psycho-inspired stuff here and it’s also very respectful to the source material. Killer POV, kill parodying, and a weirdly well done tribute scene all play out here. Oh, and there’s blood and some gore. Basically, the horror-ish scenes are very entertaining.

There’s also a lot of social commentary here. It addresses vlogger culture in a way that only independent California-made films can:

directly, aggressively, and unfiltered.

It’s a pretty damning depiction of vlogger culture, but it is pretty accurate, and it both got a laugh out of me and made me just a tiny bit uncomfortable, which is great.

On a technical level, this is shot well, especially considering the different types of filming used here. There’s killer POV, vlogs, and traditional camera work here, and it’s all done with a lot of skill. It’s nice to see a horror-comedy that takes the technical work seriously.

There’s also the soundtrack, which has a bit of Halloween-ish pieces and generic popular music pieces. There’s composition here, but it’s not the focus of the movie. The soundtrack’s basically a background support for the scenes as they occur.

Also, this is written well. I mean, everything here is meant to be as much of a parody as possible, and it definitely comes across that way. It’s a funny film, and the dialogue and plot definitely make it that much more enjoyable.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to watch Clickbait. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It just released on Amazon, Google Play/Youtube, and Vudu, so if you have any of those and want to watch a good horror-comedy, definitely check Clickbait out.


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