Snap (2019 Antimity short)

A powerful entity keeps their slave under control with a snap of their fingers. As time goes by and conditions worsen, the slave begins to plan their way out of this mess.

The tl;dr Review:

Antimity has fully gone experimental in this.

Well, not fully, but pretty fully.

It’s an interesting idea for a horror short, and it is well executed. The power dynamic between the entity and the slave is very much apparent thanks to the strong performances from Victoria Paege, Kahla Grey, Jeff Young, and Tara Hutchison.

Yet another solid Antimity film.

The Full Review:

To see indie horror filmmakers grow over time is indeed a treat, and Antimity is definitely growing as they film more and more of these horror shorts. What started as horror-comedy shorts have grown into more serious and more sinister horror shorts, with higher and higher production value.

But Snap is also a bit of a return to form, in terms of the singular setting and the two person character dynamic. This element is closer to the older Antimity shorts.

What’s new is the story, the characters, and the ideas in place.

The story follows an unnamed slave who is kept next to a foul and powerful entity, and focuses on the power dynamic between the two. With a snap of its fingers, the entity keeps the slave in control.

It’s a unique character interaction dynamic powered by the performances of Victoria Paege, Kahla Grey, Jeff Young, and Tara Hutchison. Three of whom play the entity, and one of which play the slave. It’s almost sexual in a non-BDSM way, which is unexpected, yet makes the relationship between entity and slave that much more apparent.

The setting is a room that doesn’t seem to have any exits, implying a pocket universe of sorts. If you study the background a bit, you get a feeling of isolation and just a bit of claustrophobia.

As Snap plays out, you begin to see why things happen the way they do, and you get a sense of the natural order of things in the setting. It’s all sorts of ominous and disturbing in its implications.

Snap is yet another excellent short in the Antimity catalogue, and definitely worth checking out.

I’ll include a link to it below.


You can watch Snap here:

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