Finally Alone

After moving into a new place, a man gets the unsettling feeling that he is being watched.

The Full Review:

Finally Alone is one of those short films that just leave you stunned at how well done and well executed an idea can be, even if it has a very short runtime.

Finally Alone achieves a lot with the minimalist approach, establishing a story, context, and a bit of creeping dread. There’s also some signature Carl Sundstrom humor (he also directed Documenting the Witch Path).

The use of perspective really adds a whole new level to it. I can’t go into detail, but once you see it, you will understand just how much attention and effort was put into the short runtime.

The use of lighting is also extremely well done, and it adds another level of tension for the viewer as they watch events unfold before them.

There’s even some really, really intense sound effects added in for equally scary measure, building to the equally scary ending.

Overall, Finally Alone is definitely worth checking out. I hope there are more short films like it down the road. Highly recommend it.


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